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Yes, all of our staff have Enhanced DBS checks. A copy of the DBS and all other safeguarding information will be sent to a school via a staff datasheet prior to any staff member’s first day of teaching.

Yes, All of our staff undertake safeguarding training annually.

All of our staff are subject specialists and are not only qualified to teacher their given subject but also bring great passion and enthusiasm to teaching their subject. We have Qualified and Non-Qualified Teaching Specialists across our pool of staff with around 60% being QTS. However during OFSTED inspections and regular lesson observations our Non-QTS staff score on par with our QTS staff.

Prior to any staff member being placed within a school for PPA Cover Ltd they undertake training in areas such as behavior management, classroom management, teaching strategies, lesson pace and delivery, school codes of conduct, child psychology.

Our sickness and illness policy states that a staff member must call into the head office before 7am if they are going to be off sick that day. We will then arrange for one of our cover PPA teachers to cover the regular PPA teacher.

Yes, after every lesson the PPA teacher will record an assessment on the lesson evaluation sheet.

Yes, towards the end of the school year the PPA teacher will complete reports in accordance with the school’s requirements.

Our Quality Assurance firstly starts with our Operations Managers. Every school is assigned an Operations Manager who is tasked with ensuring high quality teaching and learning within any of our PPA subjects. The Operations Manager will assess a school’s requirements and then assign the teacher that best meets the school’s requirements. The Operations Manager will then conduct termly lesson observations on the PPA teacher to ensure high quality teaching and learning.

Yes, lesson observations are completed by our Operation Managers termly. A copy of the formal lesson observation is submitted to the school termly. A member of the schools SLT can also observe alongside the Operations Manager if required.

Yes, all of our schools are designated a School Liaison Officer who will be your direct point of contact, for any questions, queries and support. You will also be assigned a local Operations Manager, who will visit school throughout the Academic Year to provide quality assurance and complete observations on our staff members.

Feedback from the PPA teacher is given daily in regards to how the lesson went that day or any information that needs to be passed on. Management feedback from lesson observations is given termly via the Operations Manager and School Liaison Officer.

Yes, you will be assigned one PPA teacher for each PPA subject and this teacher will be assigned to your school for the whole of the academic year.

Yes, our lesson plans / scheme of work are updated annually to ensure they meet the latest National Curriculum / OFSTED guidelines as well as incorporating best practice.

All schemes of work and lesson plans meet the OFSTED Framework Deep Dive. PPA Cover Ltd provide each school with documentation evidencing the teaching and learning within each PPA subject. This evidence includes what children have been taught, what curriculum points they have covered, each topic taught and what children have achieved throughout the year.

If you are unhappy with any part of your provision, please contact your designated School Liaison Officer as soon as possible to discuss your concerns. A meeting will be arranged for your Operations Manager to visit school with 7 days to complete a full observation. Full support will be provided to the Teacher and school in order to provide a solution to your concerns. A return visit will be scheduled for 14 days’ time to ensure the smooth delivery of service, should for any reason this not be the case a replacement teacher will be offered.

We can also provide Lunchtime Clubs and After School Clubs in addition to PPA service on those days, unfortunately we do not offer stand alone clubs. Please ask for further details with a PPA Cover Ltd representative.

There are no additional charges to your PPA Cover Service. Registration, Dismissal of the children and daily evaluations are all part of the complete service that we provide. 

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